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Sintech specializes in industrial automation and system integrated solutions, designs and manufactures robotic lines and automated machines.


The industrial automation and system integration specialist

Sintech is driven by the revolutionary power of technological developments and connectivity in the industrial automation business. The company’s mission is to facilitate and transform production processes through agile approaches, advanced software architectures and smart integrated solutions.
Proud member of the Brevetti CEA Group, Sintech constantly redefines the human-machine interaction through innovation, expertise, performance and flexibility.


Cutting-edge technologies

Reaching excellence and constantly overcoming technological constrains is only possible through a never-ending process of study, research and development, aiming persistently at maximizing the ease of use of the most cutting-edge technologies.
Sintech aims at perfectly combine expertise and creativity in the design and manufacturing of automated machines and robotic lines for the assembly and testing of components for the following industries: automotive, mechanics, electronics, cosmetics, medicine and pharmaceuticals.