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Brevetti Cea

Specializes in providing advanced inspection and leak detection solutions for injectable pharmaceutical products.


All for Safer Medicines

Brevetti CEA is dedicated to advancing global healthcare by providing cutting-edge INSPECTION and LEAK DETECTION SOLUTIONS for pharmaceutical injectable products.
Since the 1950’s it has been committed to supporting companies around the world in order to guarantee the use of safer medicines for patient health.

Brevetti Cea
Brevetti Cea
Brevetti Cea


Advanced Technology for Injectable Products

Brevetti CEA offers a comprehensive range of automatic inspection machines for injectable pharmaceutical products contained in syringes, ampoules, vials, cartridges and bottles.

Thanks to the combination of innovative technology and proprietary vision software, Brevetti CEA grants high levels of accuracy and incomparable results. With more than 2,700 machines installed worldwide, Brevetti CEA is internationally recognized as The Inspection Specialist.