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Inspection for Quality Excellence

Our mission is to lead the way in inspection technologies and automation solutions, empowering industries to achieve excellence in quality.


Group Overview

We are committed to shaping the future of industrial automation, where our disruptive solutions not only streamline operations but also raise the bar for quality. Through continuous research and development, we strive to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies, anticipating market demands, and exceeding customer expectations.

Brevetti Cea Group
Brevetti Cea Group
Brevetti Cea Group

Our Companies

Inspection Machines

Brevetti CEA specializes in providing advanced inspection and leak detection solutions for injectable pharmaceutical products.

Artificial Intelligence

Brevetti AI focuses on developing artificial intelligence applications and solutions, including the Brevetti AI DL Platform and Brevetti AI Studio.

Inspection & Automation

Brevetti Corium offers a complete range of automatic solutions for leather inspetion and traceability along the whole manufacturing process in the Tannery industry.

Advanced Vision Systems

Disys develops bespoke vision systems to optimize production processes in various industries.

Automation & Robotics

Sintech specializes in industrial automation and system integrated solutions, designs and manufactures robotic lines and automated machines.

Innovative Manufacturing

RS focuses on pioneering in the field of innovative manufacturing to empower and advance industrial capabilities.

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